When will Racism end?

Racism can be defined as a prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior . Although we are all living in 21st century where science and technology has made enormous development and changes . It won’t be wrong to say that people are still holding onto each others throat in the name of race . Its unbelievable that even though we’re living in this modern era where all the facilities are just a button away , we still need to fight for equal human rights .White , Black, Asian , why does it even matter ?

The current BLM movement: BLM movement aka Black Lives Matter movement was originally founded in response to acquittal of Tayvon Martin’s murderer . Black Lives Matter foundation is a global foundation in US , UK and Canada . Its main aim is to eradicate white supremacy and promote racial equality . Recently after the murder of George Floyd BLM movement has again widely come into action . People are protesting and supporting Black Lives Matter movement. Its such a dishonour that after fighting for so many years , after so many years of struggles and several movements , black people are still killed or looked down upon . If George Floyd had been white , do you think he would’ve been killed? Its such a shame that some white people still think black people shall not get their human rights just because they’re black . It doesn’t even make sense.

If anyone wants to support the BLM movement you can sign petitions and give donations. You can sign a petition Justice For George Floyd on change.org and on act.colorofchange.org .

Some Places to donate are :

Black Lives Matter Black Vision Collective Reclaim The Block Campaign Zero .

I hope everyone who is aware of this current situation does as much as they can to help and spread the awareness . I hope we all can unite and try to abolish racial discrimination from now on . Each and every individual must use their voices against this discrimination.

George Floyd aka George Perry Floyd was a 46 years old African American who was born in North Carolina and raised in Texas .He was known to be quite athletic during his early highschool life . Apart from that , he even rapped under the stage name “Big Floyd ” . Floyd used to work at the restaurant in Minnesota as a security guard but had recently lost his job due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID – 19.

The incident: On Monday evening of May 25, 2020, George Floyd purchased a pack of cigarettes at Cup Foods, located at Minneapolis, Minnesota. . The store employee believed the $20 bill offered by Floyd was counterfeit. So the store employees called the police . Shortly after that, two officers of Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Thomas K. Lane and J. Alexander Kueng arrived and handcuffed Floyd. According to the local prosecutors Floyd had said that he was claustrophobic many times to the officers while he was being dragged across the street and was falling down repeatedly . After some time the other two officers of MPD named – Thomas K. Lane and J. Alexander Kueng joined the scenario . Floyd was refusing to get inside the car even after all four of the police officers had forced him to do so .Chauvin pulled Floyd through the backseat, from the driver’s side to the passenger’s side, and out of the car, causing Floyd to fall onto the ground, where, still handcuffed, he laid on the pavement.Many witnesses present there had started filming the incident . Those videos has started spreading all over the internet . The video shows Floyd’s face down on the pavement with Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck, Kueng being busy applying pressure to Floyd’s torso, and Lane applying pressure to Floyd’s legs. Floyd is heard saying ” I can’t breathe ” , “I can’t breathe, please, the knee in my neck, I can’t breathe”. According to the New York Times Floyd is heard saying “I can’t breathe” atleast 16 times in less than five minutes. After sometime the officers called an ambulance using non emergency code two instead of emergency code three. When Floyd appeared unconscious, bystanders confronted the officers about Floyd’s condition, urging them to check his pulse. Kueng checked Floyd’s right wrist but he could not find pulse . The video shows that the officers did not attempt to provide Floyd with any medical treatment while waiting for the ambulance . After sometime when ambulance arrived Floyd was taken to the hospital . According to the incident report , Floyd was pronounced dead at 9:25 pm at the Hennepin County Medical Center emergency room .

Floyd was murdered in the street of Minneapolis by the police officers .

Police officers are supposed to provide us protections but what if we need protection from police itself ? If George had not been black , do you think those officers would’ve killed him in the middle of street ? . George had been killed without the proper investigation of the incident . He had been looked down upon for his race which is very very unfair to all of our black brothers and sisters .

All the people , all of us we need to realise that we’re all same , we bleed same color and feel same emotions .

There are lots of protests going on at different part of the world e.g. US , UK ,Canada . In different places like Sydney , Chicago , Melbourne, Brisbane people are protesting against racial discrimination . All they ask for is equal human rights and justice for George Floyd .

All the officers who were responsible for the death of George Floyd have been removed from the police department and Chauvin is charged with second degree murder whereas other three of them have not been charged for murder yet .

Its very hard to believe that we’re living in 2020 and there is still a need to say that ” Black Lives Matter” . We all humans are born with color red in our body . No-one is superior than the other being. If we can’t stand / fight against racism now then we won’t be able to provide a better place for our future generations. Its now or never . If not now then when?

I am honestly so thankful for all those fighters and wise beings who believe in equality . I hope tommorrow we all could live in the world where nobody is looked down upon for their race and skin color . I am also very thankful to the key people of BLM movement i.e Shaun King ,ย DeRay Mckesson , Johnetta Elzie , Tef Poe , ย Erica Garner for working hard to bring equality and justice.

Being Human

“Being human is given but keeping our humanity is a choice.” (Anonymous)

Isn’t it so wonderful and tiresome to be a human at the same time . Unlike your job resume neither does it require any sort of qualifications nor does it require experiences. Isn’t it amazing how it only requires humanity and some additional politeness with a pinch of kindness.

“It’s a long journey between a human being and being human .”

Being human doesn’t really mean you have to be perfect or be someone who is always happy to help or be too cheerful or soft . Being human means appreciating yourself and all your flaws . Appreciating the presence of every little thing or an individual. Human beings are created with lots of prefect imperfections so being human also means to acknowledge yourself while appreciating others.

I often wonder how we humans forget the good things we do while counting our regrets . All the tired souls who wake up at morning thinking they’re unable to mark something important on other’s life must’ve shared a smile with a stranger making their day a bit better , must’ve asked someone how their day went when nobody else did . All the lonely daydreamers , once in a while must’ve given someone a good suggestion when nobody else cared about their problems . All the excited young birds must’ve made someone’s day better unknowingly one way or the other but all of these things we do for others aren’t appreciated well enough by ourselves .

All of you lonely dreamers , exhausted old souls and the excited young birds I bet you must’ve shed thousands of tears and shared millions of smiles . You might’ve faced the consequences of other’s actions or blamed yours on someone else . You must’ve shared loads of your worries and tons of your happiness but all of this , isn’t this just a part of being ourselves? Isn’t this just a part of being human in this imperfect world? So lets appreciate ourselves and when we can’t do so lets appreciate each other.

So even if it’s with little effort or a little kindness or even if it’s with little helping hands lets continue to be helpful and kind. Lets continue being human while humanity shines among us .